April 23, 2015

April in the desert

It was a bit gusty this morning so we opted for a hike out back in favor of a bike ride. The banana yuccas (yucca bacata) are still blooming in the desert, but there are many other flowers in bloom now too. Not everything is as conspicuous as the yuccas, the ocotillos, or the cacti, but there is a variety of small flowered, small leaved plants all new to me that I will have to look up for identification. Our ample winter rains have popped up all kinds of interesting stuff.

Yucca bacata

The find of the day were some just-laid Gambel's quail eggs, right along the trail, and I hope mom returned. This is probably just the beginning of the clutch as quail families here are quite large with up to a dozen chicks. All eggs hatch at the same time to produce a wave of fast-running, fluffy, golfball-sized birds, right out of the egg.

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