October 18, 2014

House guests

Yesterday our friend Mary came and picked up her dogs after a vacation in New Zealand. The house is just not the same without Emma's sisters. Both Dan and I love having wall to wall dogs around our feet. Not all dogs will do: Labradors are tops in our book. This coming from previously confirmed German Shepherd Dog, and GSD-types, lovers as we have shared our life with them for about 30 years.

Emma's sisters are Claire (middle), who is two years Emma's senior and shares the same parents, and Emily (right), who is two years Emma's junior and has the same mom but a different dad. The Sisters, as we call them, look a lot more alike than Claire and Emma, who might have taken after their dad. It may have a little to do with the fact that Emma (aka Queen Buttercup) is a fat girl, and the other two are thin and lithe, as behooves dogs who belong to a vet.

All three are sweet dogs and easy to care for. There is some barking at and chasing of coyotes, some rolling in unsavory items and eating various desert delights, but overall they are very happy just lying around and being loved.

We look forward to a return visit in about 10 days. Meanwhile, Emma is catching up on sleep and attention.

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