October 24, 2014

A grand day out

The weather is beautiful: cool nights and warm days. The chicks are growing by leaps and bounds and I thought early this week that they might enjoy a change of scenery from the coop. These are cautious little hens though and it has taken a couple of days for them to venture into their part of the chicken yard. There was a lot of lounging in the door opening with wings outstretched and it was obvious everybody enjoyed a sunbath.

As I came to do chores this morning everybody was clustered at the door as if to say: today is the day, we are going out! It still took some hours for Cindy and Layla to take the plunge, but all except Marilyn has had their turn. They are all starting to suffer from "flap attacks" so I am glad we heightened the fence to 6 feet.

They all know where the water is and how to get back inside, so all's good.


webb said...

So cute and they're going to be productive, too.

Lovely weather here. Went zip-lining today with on a company outing. So much fun! Still jazzed! Happy weekend.

Anneke said...

Wahoo! Zip lining is still on my to-do list. Glad you had a great time.