April 1, 2014

Some color

It is April, and typical April weather: sunny and windy. Too windy for a bike ride we decided, so we took a short walk out the back gate. The desert is showing color.

Lots of Fairy Duster (Calliandra) this year. It is a favorite of the hummingbirds, I still have to figure out how they get their tongues into these threadlike petals.

One of the many Daleas, perhaps Dalea Formosa, Indigo bush.

Sand Verbena, which grows wild as well as all through our yard.

Longleaf Ephedra, also known as Mormon Tea. It was used by native tribes as a medicinal plant.

Cacti are setting bud, agaves are sending up stalks, but I will show them some other time.


webb said...

Our bio-diversity is stunning. These are all beautiful and vaguely fami,iar, yet completely adapted to a totally different growing cuture. Love it!

The desert must be lovely now.

Aaron said...

Love the flowers, was there spring rains?

Anneke said...

We had 2 inches of rain in early March, and it helped blooms along no doubt.