April 6, 2014

Another idea of mine

"Wouldn't it be nice to have a large, blue pot there by the entry?" It always starts so innocently, and I admit that I don't always have the logistics worked out at the inception. But Dan, being the nice guy that he is, agreed that a big blue pot with seasonal flowers or plants would look good by the front door.

Off we went to purchase above item and I did not really start worrying about implementation until the pot was loaded into the back of Subie with some effort by two very burly young men. The pot pretty much filled up the space.

Rather than dealing with the item as soon as we got home, we decided to wait to unload until the next day. It gave me time to spend a good part of the night tossing and trying to work out how to get it out of the car and into place without either one of us, or both, wrecking our back. I figured it out and slept soundly for the remainder.

Next morning we hauled an alfalfa bale from the barn, installed it behind Subie and we were able to ease the pot down without a mishap. We were able to carry it to the front door without problem; I guess the pot was not as heavy as I had thought. Or perhaps we are just strong. And smart. Hah!

1 comment:

webb said...

Yes! It's perfect, and beautifully planted.

I am shopping for something similar - definitely in a turquoise/aqua shade and probably a bit smaller, but the same kind of thing. Fortunately, my niece gave me a gift certificate to the nearby botanical garden and i am hoping they have something i will like. You'll probably see it sometime soon.

Meanwhile, look at all the prettiness at your front door!