February 10, 2014

Is it spring?

I kind of doubt it, but you would have a hard time believing it is mid February here. It will be in the 70's today, and high 70's by the end of the week. Birds are singing territorial songs and are investigating nesting sites, Roadie is out there calling for company, and Buggsy is starting to lose hair.  Being an Arabian he grows a substantial winter coat but during the weekly Spa Day hair was already flying.

Dan added grapevine trimmings to the platform we built for the red-tailed hawk to nest on, just to make it a bit more homey.

Cody, our youngest horse, enjoying some TLC.

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webb said...

70! 70? can i come for a couple of days? 30's here all week and the sun is just a hazy memory. am so darn tired of this winter.

When we had such a mild one last year, i knew we would have to pay Mother nature back at some point. i thought the crazy summer took care of the debt, but it appears that i was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Enjoy your warm ... for two!