February 5, 2014

Glitter Ridge

I must have become an Arizona wuss: much as I enjoy cycling, this winter I seem to find more days that are not great for the bike. Today it was a bit cloudy and that thin little wind from the north keeps blowing. We chose to hike instead. Glitter ridge was on my "to do" list so I could gather some pretty rocks to adorn Shawna's grave.

It is a 3.5 mile hike out back and up a rocky ridge with lots of prickly pear. It does have some spectacular views and at one spot there is a rock outcropping with nice sized crystals. Hence the name I gave it, Glitter Ridge or Sparkle Ridge. Years ago we happened on this place quite unintentionally by just hacking. I was glad Dan had brought the other daypack as the bag I had brought did not hold up well.

Mission accomplished. Our doggie graveyard: Shawna left, Mindy (our puppy) right.

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webb said...

Such pretty country! And a nice way to memorialize a beloved member of your fami,y.