May 6, 2010

Up and around, or a bunny tale

We decided to do some projects around the ranch this morning. It appears that May has arrived: temperatures in the 80's and lots of wind. This month and June are the only months I don't love around here. But, even now there is lots to admire and entertain.

This is a cactus that is in the yard, and not a native, although it does well here. The blooms are spectacular but have 2 drawbacks: the rodents or birds love the blooms and eat them before they have a chance to bloom unless they are protected, and the blooms only last a day. What a shame, all those fireworks for such a short time.

On our way out the driveway we have noticed a pair of kestrels around our birdhouse on the pump house. We originally built the birdhouse for a Northern flicker who hung around for awhile. Yesterday the male kestrel was on the house, while his mate was checking out the inside. We have seen them for about a week now, but are unsure as to their seriousness in keeping house here.

I also noticed a couple of young cottontails venturing out. I found one in the potting shed this morning, but he refused to be photographed. I do want to record my experience of a couple of years ago here, before it is lost for posterity. I was at the kitchen sink window and saw a roadrunner come toward the house with a young bunny in his beak. Fully furred and complete, and too big for the roadrunner to eat. The young bun's mom was in hot pursuit. As they approached the porch, the bird let go of the bunny, who ran toward the house. Bad move as there is no escape against the walls. I could not stand it any longer, ran out and threw a dishtowel over the bunny, who stayed. Everyone else split. I wrapped the bun in the towel, hoping it would not give him a human smell and put him back in the area whence the threesome came. I wish I had some pictures of that adventure. If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it.

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webb said...

What gorgeous cacti - both of them. Hope the kestrels decide to move in for the season. That would be really cool!