May 5, 2010

Natural Bridge Trail

It is our anniversary today: thirtytooth! We are getting old, but let's not dwell on that. I like to celebrate these special days by going somewhere new, or doing something special, just so they don't get drowned in our (lovely) day to day routine. I picked a hike in the Chiricahuas, on the other side of our valley. We have to make a conscious effort to get over there because it is a 60 mile drive, and when you have great hiking out the back door ...

But the Chiricahua National Monument is beautiful, with scenery on par with Bryce Canyon. The Natural Bridge Trail is one of the least hiked trails in the Monument, so as we pulled off, another car pulled off right behind us. The brochure showed only 2 elevations and they were about the same, so we thought it would be a level walk. Not so. First you go up (from 5484 ft to 6545 ft in 2.4 miles), and then you go down. Not a big deal, when you do the Stronghold hike on a regular basis. I think we are in the best shape of our lives.

After the hike we drove up to Massai Point for a picnic. We had sandwiches and some homemade potato salad and a lovely dessert. Took a picture of the Dragoons and the WD. What a great day!


webb said...

Wow! for your anniversary you take a five mile hike thru mountains... for ours I am looking for a good restaurant. Clearly a difference in lifestyles - and perhaps ages! Congratulations and good wishes for many more to come.

Anneke said...

Thank you! I would be looking for a good restaurant, but it's at least 70 miles away :-). After the hike, that is.