June 13, 2017


Life is returning to normal. The evacuation order was lifted yesterday although there was still a lot of firefighting in the Forest. Several hot spots which would flare from time to time and there were a number of helicopters tending them. They would fly to and fro with water buckets that they filled at some of the orchard wells, and watching them dump them and hit target in windy conditions was awesome. I have nothing but admiration for these crews; there were 400 of them at one point.

We slept really well last night. No obvious smoke when we got up and it felt very cool outside which will have helped keeping the fires from running away again. We are looking at 100 plus degrees next week which is a typical June for us.

I checked the garden this morning and it is doing well. The grape leaf skeletonizers are terrorizing the grapes, and I find them hard to get rid of but I will pick them off best I can. I cannot be messing about there too long because the towhees have built a nest in the vines again.

Lettuce is doing awesome, picking some tomatoes and green beans. Fed thinnings of carrots to the horses, which was much appreciated. I will seed some more tomorrow to keep vegetables going throughout the summer, and now it is just water, and more water because it is June. Life is GOOD!


webb said...

so glad the threat is over - at least for now. It sounded scary. Pretty eggplant! (actually, i like the French name - aubergine - sounds so elegant.)

Anneke said...

The fire is heavily tended, now with 600 personnel. It is not contained on our side but we have faith in the management :). The aubergine is the Rosa Bianca variety, also elegant don't you think?

Aaron said...

Glad everyone is ok. I pray for all the animals and people that have too endure fires.