May 30, 2017

A tiny bit of unexpected rain

The day started off with red skies ..., sailors take warning? We did not think much of it until it darkened over around 3 this afternoon and we heard distant thunder. As all Arizonans we are sure that the rain always falls elsewhere, but we did get some drops out of it.

These early storms usually start out with a good bit of wind and a dust storm. If that is not enough, the animals go a bit crazy too: Cody and Bueno were running around like very silly horses. Don't strain a fetlock, boys!

The plants are going to love this, in and out of the garden!


webb said...

Would happily send you a bit of our excess rain. Or, the hail from Sunday. We are 2 inches ahead for May alone, and more than 5 inches for the year.

Hope you get enough to be helpful.

Anneke said...

We would love some more rain! We are headed into our fore summer: hot and dry until July or so. This was refreshing though and every little bit is appreciated. Hope the hail did not do any damage.