March 20, 2017

The apricot tree

We have been busy this Spring, replacing the garden fence part of which blew down at the end of last year, but I will do another blog when it is all done. Today I want to highlight the apricot tree.

The fruit trees have all bloomed and are leafing out, the Italian plum excepted. As every year, the peach trees were stunning being covered with bright pink blooms that can be seen from far away. My favorite tree is the apricot however. It has white flowers and is very fragrant, but unfortunately the blooms are short lived.

This year the tree was covered in white and the bees tried to carry it away: it was abuzz for days. The bees did their job very well as the tree started to flower on March 6 and this is the tree today, just 14 days later.

I will have some serious fruit culling to do if Mom does not throw a freeze at us. After unusually high temperatures this past week (80's F), the weather is forecast to be moderating to 70's next week. A freeze seems unlikely, but one never knows.

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webb said...

so good to see you pop up in my reading list! Hope you have had a good winter.

The fruit trees look gorgeous! I hope you have a bumper crop. Here, we had such a warm winter that they bloomed 2-3 WEEKS early and then, of course, we had three nights of freeze. A friend who has an orchard has lost all of his peaches and, he thinks, the first crop of apples. Apparently, they set a second crop. I fear we will also lose a lot of the spring-blooming shrubs and trees (not the trees, just the flowers - like hydrangeas.

It's nice to finally have some really good days to get out and work in the garden. Much to do, and much getting done. I just need to post something ... soon.

Hope all is well with you and Dan.