June 6, 2016

Costa Rica

We have been on vacation. Last fall Dan's niece asked whether we would like to participate in celebrating her mother's birthday by joining her for a week or so in Costa Rica. I thought this a grand idea and rented a house outside of the small town of Atenas. This being our first time in Costa Rica and with various parties arriving at different times I did not see much value in spending a lot of time driving to and from the airport and staying in the more popular, but further afield, tourist locations.

The added benefit was that people in and around Atenas grow a lot of vegetables, fruit and coffee, which appealed to me. There is a weekly Farmer's Market which I really enjoyed visiting.

May marks the beginning of the rainy season, but living in the desert this was a welcome diversion for us. The mornings were generally dry and sunny, as the day progressed clouds would roll in and it would rain.

We made a number of interesting outings, saw beautiful country, drank outstanding coffee and ate delicious food. The fruit was amazing: huge mangos, pineapples twice the size of the ones we see here in the store, beautiful papayas. Dan even got used to driving the Costa Rica roads with the essential GPS. I would love to visit again, especially if I gain some proficiency in speaking Spanish. Working on that one.


webb said...

Sounds like a great vacation in one of the places on my list. I want to see some of the native orchids! Glad you had a chance to get away. Hope all the horses and other critters are fine.

Anneke said...

I have such a sweet deal: my longtime friend from Oregon comes over to care for the WD. It is a bit of a vacation/change of pace for her and we share the love for plants and animals. Emma enjoys having her Aunt Linda here who takes her for swim and mud puddle rolls. It was as if I had not been away at all. Lucky me.