April 17, 2016

Back to normal

After a couple of interesting weeks (isn't "interesting" the euphemism you use for "scary"?), we are back to our usual hike out the back gate this morning.

Emma has been sick. Once with not being able to keep any food down either end, and a week later with an apparent allergic reaction. Both events were on a weekend so several trips were made to the highly qualified emergency vet clinic in Tucson. They have yet to determine the cause for all this mayhem but many tests have been run that have all come back negative. As with humans, when in doubt run a test. In retrospect Dan and I suspect a rattlesnake vaccination that may have not sat well with Emma's immune system.

It is wonderful to have our happy, always hungry, dog back and with The SisTas visiting, we had a great walk. Many plants in the desert are blooming and, with the mesquites having leafed out, it is green everywhere and hard to believe that we live in a desert.

Here are some of the bloomers.

Ocotillo, still in bud but barely
Black dalea
Arizona orange
Hedgehog cactus
Life is good!

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webb said...

Ococtilla blooming! Yea!! So glad Emma is ok. It's so scary when they get sick and you really don't know what or why. Hug her extra for me.