March 5, 2016


Our friends Pat and Maureen invited us to come and spend a week with them on the east coast of Florida. We got home a few days ago after having had a great time. Neither Dan nor I had spent any more than a casual visit there and I loved the area of Florida where we stayed: it was Hawaii without being an island.

We spent a lot of time outside, relaxing on the covered porch, walking their dog, Ruby, kayaking and  bird watching. I added more than 20 species of birds to my life list, mostly shore birds. Florida recycles water by creating wetlands that attract wildlife and birds, and people visit to see the birds. What is not to love: be green, provide a habitat for animals and recreation for humans. Many of these places are in the middle of populated areas.

We kayaked close to home and a bit further away, and spent hours floating through an area reminiscent of a bayou.  Pat and Maureen had even arranged for an airboat ride. We saw alligators (on my wish list), turtles and more birds, including a pair of Sandhill Cranes and their nest with two eggs. Many birds were in beautiful breeding plumage.

A wonderful vacation! I feel like I have been away for a month.

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webb said...

We love to visit Florida. Mitchell keeps talking about moving there, and i am not up for that, but for a week or two's visit, it really revives me. We spent a week in St. Augustine in January and had a great time.

Glad you enjoyed "the right coast" for a few days.