February 11, 2016

Prune day

What a difference a week makes! Last week I was dealing with a wrapped, frozen water pipe and today two of the fruit trees are starting to bloom. Temperatures are in the 70's and everywhere in the house the windows are open.

Phil came over today to "help" prune the fruit trees. I am learning, but the majority of the pruning is still done, or at least suggested, by Phil. The grapes and all the trees were pruned and a couple of them, one peach and the plum, underwent some serious trimming to give them shape for health as well as fruit production. As every Spring, the trees look great and I think our timing was perfect.

I am pretty excited as these are the first blooms on the Comice pear tree. I love Comice pears!

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webb said...

Jealousy abounds on the East Coast!