January 7, 2016

Staying warm

It is easy for us, we have a nice house to protect us from the elements and if we want to feel really warm and cozy, we light a fire in the fireplace.

What about the animals? We do our best by providing lots of food and water for our domesticated as well as wild ones. We have a dry and cozy coop for the hens and our horses are out of the rain and wind in their stalls. Emma spends all her time with us, with the couch being her favorite spot during the day and she sleeps in her own bed at night.

Yet I feel for the horses, Bueno will be 20 this year and Cody 16. The latter is really hard to believe because this horse will never grow up and will always be a (very tall) colt. Not the brightest crayon in the box, but very sweet and a bit lazy.

When given the choice of staying in the stall or going outside, both horses will opt for outside where they can run, pester each other and roll in mud or dust to their heart's content. But considering their ages it might not be as easy to stay warm at night, no matter how much hay we put down, so I bought some light stable blankets. They will go on during night time freezes when the boys come in for dinner and will be removed when they leave their stalls in the morning.

Cody, in handsome Oregon green.

Bueno, in fetching blue.

I had thought the blankets would be well covered in mud this morning, considering the rain we have had this week (and yes those horses are in need of brushing), but they were clean. I will take that as a stamp of approval as they did not try to get rid of them by rolling.


webb said...

Love your cozy fireplace. (Is that a painting of Cody and Bueno above it?) Understand it has finally gotten to winter in Central VA, altho we are in Central Florida this week so having it a bit better - tho, not by Florida standards.

Looks like good weather for baking ....

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

We are staying warm here too and more to the point, dry. It has been very very wet here in the UK for the last few weeks. Wet and too warm. Don't like it!