December 14, 2015

A taste of winter

We are having a bit of a snow event. It is not the first one this year, but it actually looks as if some of the snow will stick. This is not a foregone conclusion when it snows here as the snow arrives horizontally: it blows like crazy.

There are no mountains and we are alone in the world, except for the poor UPS man delivering Christmas packages. Not all alone as there are lots of birds looking for food and shelter. I am throwing out various seed varieties by cup-fulls several times a day.

The horses have been left in their stalls; Bueno prefers it dry, but Cody, the Oregon-born, stands butt to the wind outside his enclosure. Hey, there is only that much one can do ...

Tomorrow it is likely to be all over and the world will look like this.

Snow does not last long in the desert.

1 comment:

webb said...

But, it's so beautiful while it's there! Still high 60's low 70's here, altho there is cold front due tonight .... followed by another wave of warm air Christmas week! It's been so warm that i am looking for things to do in the garden... just to be outside.

Hope you and Dan have a wonderful holiday!