January 9, 2015

Enjoying a rainy day

We had 0.3 inches of rain yesterday, and I spent the morning working on the 2015 garden layout and ordering new seeds. The horses had their own kind of fun.

We just finished cleaning them up, sort of, because matted fur does not keep you warm as well. They wasted no time in rolling in the mud again, but at least we tried. It is sunny and supposed to reach 60 degrees.

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webb said...

You're just rubbing those 60 degrees in our faces ... it got all the way to 42 here today, but only 30 tomorrow. And, we are headed to Philadelphia on Sunday. I keep telling Mitchell to plan mini-vacations in the south! but an art exhibit is calling our name, and it's in Philly. Ice and freezing rain there on Monday morning!

Hope your weekend stays nice.